Privacy Policy


Our website have implemented trackers for Google Analytics (4) and Google Tag Manager in order for us to see website traffic and where our users gets referred from. 

All data is stored in the EU and no PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is collected or tracked. We track the following:

  • Traffic sources (who sent you)
  • What pages you visits (on our website)

Our trackers have the users IP masked, meaning we do not store or collect IP addresses.


Wallet (App)

StashApp Wallet is a self custodial wallet, meaning you as the user of our wallet are the sole owner of said keys to wallet. Meaning we never have access to the your funds, nor are we able to interact with your wallet. Your keys, your tokens.

We do not store any user information, wallet data or track any user behaviour through our app. Every transaction and interaction is handled by the Stellar Network, using their SDK & API's. The blockchain has a fully public ledger, meaning you can track your transactions throughout the chain.

Since we do not store any PII or wallet data, we never store any sensitive information such as name, credit card information, wallet keys or behaviour data.

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